Francesca Gabriel Period 32-11-17Within the educational system, it is deemed necessary for boundaries to be established in order to secure an experience that is both pleasant and invunerable for students of all variety, so that they may thrive no matter what circumstances surround their being. I, with the support of the common student establish these legitimacies obligatory, that no student feel insignificant due to the in inability to reach conventional standardized exam scores, that no student is primarily focused on increasing a test score rather than expanding their knowledge of utilizable and real-world information, and that no student gamble their health or happiness in attempts to reach unrealistic testing expectations. - That a self mandated student government is instituted in ambition to halt any obstruction suspected towards these legitimacies -That whenever there is a threat to the security of these legitimacies, action is taken to halt the person or phenomenon responsible. - obstruction of these legitimacies has been recorded; action is now to be taken against the cause of these obstructions. The responsible said phenomenon is known as The SAT. There are ample pieces of evidence that demonstrate The SAT ‘s repeated offenses and disregard for policy; Furthermore, to verify this, let the evidence be reveled:The SAT has lead my peers and I to feel discouraged, defeated, and discontent with ourselves. The expectations for this standardize test that are deemed acceptable by certain colleges are often extremely difficult to achieve. Failure to score within these margins leave us disappointed in ourselves and our abilities.The SAT has lead my peers and I to lose confidence in ourselves as our scores are compared to others around us with totally different circumstances. As students we are constantly being compared. These comparisons often leave students feeling self conscious and embarassed. The SAT has lead my peers and I to compromise our mental health. The pressure of The SAT contributes immensely anxiety to the anxieties we already face due to regular school pressures. All this build up anxiety leads to jitteriness, and sometimes mental brake downs that cause us to be even more pessimistic towards the test. The SAT has lead my peers and I to compromise our physical health. The ridiculous content load affiliated with the SAT forces us to stay up late at night studying and panicking, ultimately leaving us sleep deprived. Sleep is essential for the development of teenagers brains; therefore, the SAT is in fact responsible for any maldevelopment occurring in our brains.The SAT has lead my peers and I to have serious stress. We are drilled to believe that our entire future is put on the pinpoint of this one final score; the immense pressure that idea puts on us lingers with us, and stresses us out constantly. The SAT has lead my peers and I to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on materials that could have gone towards our college degree, or other real world experiences besides ‘how to take a test.' Almost all preparation, as well as the test itself costs money to take; the budget of these materials add up and leave us and our families with a big bill. The SAT has lead my peers and I to focus on how to take a test, instead of how to get an actual eduction. All the time we spend learning multiple choice strategies, and cheat techniques aren't going to help us when we get int the real world. That wasted time could have been spent learning more useful things necessary in life like how to pay bills or do taxes.The SAT has lead my peers and I to be unhappy. Between the excessive amount stress and anxiety, and the time and money waisted on the SAT, It is no question why we are left unhappy,I along with my peers here by declare independence from The SAT . - For the support of this Declaration, evidence has been provided that underlines the basis of our final decision. We hereby mutually pledge to cut all severs attaching us - the student body- and The SAT.