You can argue both whether gambling should be legalized or not. Gambling can be measured in different ways. Bingo and betting on horses is one type of gambling. The next level is playing cards or going into the casinos and betting your money there. The rich usually get richer and the poor get broke. Thatís how most of the casinos work. Gambling has its positives and negatives, however if you can control your money and have a limit on gambling, I donít see a problem with it.
There are so many positives to the result of legalizing gambling. One is the economic side of it. The economy isnít the best in the U.S and it can always use something that will help its cause. If you offer places to gamble casinos especially, it will increase tourism by a crazy amount. Last year in Las Vegas, there were around 40 million visitors in Las Vegas. The Vegas Strip Gaming revenue was 6.5 billion dollars. The jobs go up in that area tremendously so itís an ecstatic way to arouse the troubled economy around the world. Another positive is when someone is told not to do something; they want to do it even more.
For example, if a kid asks his mom for a cookie and she says no, he wants that cookie even more. Itís the same concept for gambling. When someone is told that they cannot gamble, itís the first thing that crosses their mind and they crave it even more. People most of the time want what they cant have and it comes to show if you increase the number of people who are allowed to gamble, the illegal gambling behaviors will decrease. Also if the government decides to tax the people and make it legal, everyoneís basically a winner. The government earns money while the people meanwhile have a chance to win money in addiction. The last positive if they legalize gambling is entertainment purposes. Gambling is proved to be a stress reliever to all of humanity. I know if your gambling illegal, the thoughts that youíre thinking are how not to get caught and how to win the most possible money quickly. The environment of the players will lighten up if itís a legal place and things will run more smoothly in my opinion.

However, there are the negatives in legalizing gambling. One of them is being addicted to gambling. The same way an alcoholic needs their alcohol when they crave it. Addiction to gambling is the same thing but involved with winning and losing money. My goal when I walk into a casino is winning the most money while spending the least I can. The thrill and rush you get of the winnings being handed to you is incredible but thatís when you have to know how to control yourself. A survey around the world consists of gamblers anonymous said if gambling had been illegal, they would lose all their possessions. Like their house, cars and their family the rate they were going. Crime rates will go up if gambling is increased in the cities that legalize it. People losing too much money can lead to robberies in banks and the need for money will increase. More jobs will have to be available and the law enforcement agency would have to consider an increase in their personnel.
I think gambling shouldnít be legalized. I think itís fine the way it is, itís the people that take advantage of it and abuse the money. The system in my opinion is perfectly fine and the government at the moment has total control besides the tax part.