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Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan, the leader of the Mongol Empire, was born in 1162 ad in modern day Mongolia. Khan founded the Mongol empire, one of the most barbaric empires in history.
The Mongols were nomads, meaning they never lived in one city, they moved around. They were nomads because the Mongols tried to capture as much land as possible. The nomads lived in gers, which are essentially very nice tents for their temporary living. For war, their strategy was unique; their whole army rode horseback and used bow and arrows. Also, they each soldier had multiple horses so the army was able to travel faster than on foot. By the time Khan died, the Mongol empire owned almost all of Asia, the Middle East, and some parts of Eastern Europe. The Mongols were savages, killing almost anyone/anything in sight. Instead of relying on the agriculture to feed them, they relied on animals. They would hunt for days before using the agriculture of their territory.
Although they were nomads, they had 1 main city to store their treasure, and had all of their places of worship. The city had many gers near the walls, and was used for marketing among the Mongols. Only about 10,000 people live there, but there were 12 places of worship. Khan was open to many religions, and let people worshiped as they pleased, even though he told that the sky god told khan he was supposed to rule the world.
Genghis Khan was put down as the leader of a barbaric empire throughout the world, except Mongolia. Mongolians are proud of Khan and what he did for Mongolia. Khan put Mongolia on the map, and without him it would not nearly be what it is today. Genghis Khan was also a military genius, and helped advance warfare with his unique, nomadic style of living.