German Shepherds
? ? The German Shepherd dog is highly intelligent, protective, and a wonderful companion. They are a very versatile dog. You can find them working as police dogs, bomb sniffing dogs, herding dogs, and just your average family dog.
? ? The modern German Shepherd evolved from early herding dogs who helped shepherds with their flocks. These dogs were dependable, light-gaited, and could withstand most weather conditions.
? ? In 1891, a group of Germans formed the Phylax Society. The members of the Phylax Society were great admirers of the early herding dog. Their purpose in forming the organization, was to standardize the different varieties of sheep herding dogs. They wanted a breed of dog that was native to Germany, with a certain distinct appearance, and a strong character.
? ? The Phylax Society lasted only three years, due to the conflicts over which trait?s the breed should possess. Some members thought the dogs should be bred solely for working purposes, and others thought they should be bred for appearance. After the society disbanded, one member, Captain Max Emil Friedrich von Stephanitz continued with the Phylax Society?s original vision. Many consider him the be the single driving force in establishing the German Shepherd Dog as a pure breed.
? ? The original dog of the breed was discovered by Capt. von Stephanitz in 1899. This dog was agile, alert, and strongly adapted to his working environment. Capt. von Stephanitz considered this dog to have all the qualitie...