Appendix D

Goal Evaluation Matrix

Choose five of the scenarios in Appendix C and evaluate the goals according to the SMART criteria. Provide support for your evaluation.

Goal setter and goal S
Is the goal specific? M
Is the goal measurable? A
Is the goal attainable? R
Is the goal realistic? T
Is the goal timely?


She hopes to obtain a different position in her company in 1 to 2 months.

She would like to find another job in her company.

She will know if she meets her milestones of applying for jobs and preparing for interviews.

She already works for the company, so it is possible she can move to a new position.

Moving to a new job in a company is easier than finding a job with a new company.

1 to 2 months is not much time to find another job.
Save enough money to buy a second family car.


He wants to save money so he can buy a second car for his family.

Save $300 a month for one year to have $4000 for a down payment for a car. Yes

After saving $300 a month for a year he is going to have enough money for down payment. Yes

Saving $300 a month should not be difficult if he really wants to get a second car. Yes

1 year is enough to save up for a down payment.

Linda wants to support herself financially through sales of her artwork.


Her goal would be to sell a sufficient amount of artwork to support her financially.

She has a plan and measurable milestones to achieve her goal. Yes

Painting is her passion, and she was worked for many years to amass a collection of her artwork. She has sold a few pieces over the years. Yes

If she works hard enough to meet her milestones, although her goal relies upon people purchasing her artwork. Yes

2-3 years is enough time to save money to rent a store to sell her artwork, after marketing herself, creating a website and joining an art club.


Become a member of the Kelsey Kazoo Orchestra


He wants to become a Kazoo player and join Kelsey Kazoo Orchestra

He has a plan layout to reach his milestones before next year tryouts. Yes

He can get Kazoo, learn how to play, become a street performer and save money for real kazoo lessons.

He has serious case of asthma and part of his plan is depending on money from strangers. Yes

He has one year to complete all his milestones to try out for kazoo orchestra.

She would like to win the lottery.

She wants to win the state lottery to make life easier for the family.


Melissa wants to win the lottery, but she does not have a specific amount that she wants to win.


Her chance of winning the lottery is one in a million. No

The chances of winning the lottery, even giving yourself ten years, is not guaranteed. No

Although Melissa has a goal limit of ten years, this is a long time to try and win the lottery.

He wants to play for the San Diego Chargers football team.


Play middle linebacker for the San Diego Chargers Yes

He has set milestones to gain weight, join a full-contact league and try out for the Chargers

He does not have any experience. His age might be a problem too.

Most professional football payers have been playing since they were kids. Very few people have been picked off of the street to play professional football.


He gave himself two years to meet his goal of joining a football team.