Grapes of Wrath

The Great Depression

In the movie, The Grapes of Wrath, one of the biggest problems in the movie is the fact that the great depression is in its prime. The great depression is the main cause and the sound basis for the movie.
When you think about it after watching the movie, all of the events in the movie happened because of the great depression. The only reason that all of these people were moving out west was because they had no work. They were not making enough money to feed their families.
I could not really tell you whether or not the Joad family had it the worst back then (saying that this really happened). It was probably one of the hardest things that people had to do. They had to leave everything behind them to try and find a better life.
It was not like the gold rush. People during the gold rush did not have to leave their homes. They left voluntarily. It was a totally different story during The Grapes of Wrath. The men who drove the "cats" (caterpillar tractors) came to the houses of the people and told them that they had to leave by a certain time. If they did not leave, they would be put in jail and then the men on the cats would plow over their houses anyway with no remorse. When asked why they did this, they simply said that they had a family to feed just like the rest of the people who were suffering during this difficult time.
Most of the families that the movie showed were very reluctant to leave and when the cats came, they would attempt to stand their ground and threaten the workers. They would say that if they came any further, that they would shoot at the workers. I remember that one worker said that it would not do any good because if he got shot, the sheriff would come and put him in jail and then more men with more cats would come to finish the job. I don?t think that I could live with having to lose my home and everything that I have lived with for my whole life.
When the scene came for the Joads to leave their home, they did not seem to resistant. I guess that they did not see the point. The great depression was the cause for all of this.
I don't think that it is safe to say that the great depression had killed the grandparents. When grandpa died, it could have been of old age, or lunacy. Maybe it could have been the fact that he was broken over the fact that he had to leave his home against his own will. His own family had to get him drunk just so he would get on the truck to go with the rest of them. He did not want to leave even if it meant that he could not see his own family any more. I think that is a good example of the effects of the great depression on the lives and actions of people in the movie.
The way that grandma died was also rather depressing. She died in the back of the truck. She was already dead before the police stopped them in that town. That seemed rather disrespectful but the mother said that she told grandma right before she died that they had to keep going so that they would get across. She said that if they were stopped that they might not get across. This was kind of cold but they did what they had to do.
The effects of the depression on the mother were not so obvious but you could tell. Her character was very quiet and depressed. She never said much. I remember the scene in the truck when they were just beginning their journey. Someone asked her why she was so quiet. She said that she had just lost her home and could never go back to the place where she grew up. That was deep. I think that this shows that the depression effects different people in different ways
The different way that it effected people like Casey was that it caused him and his friends to become separated from everyone else. They were the rebels.