Great Expectations - Chapter Summaries

Great Expectations Notes Chapter 1 Setting: early in the 1800s; Churchyard in tiny village east of London  Joe Gargey and her husband in the Marshes.  His parents died Pip- Phillip Pirrap- main character- 7 years old- Lives w/ sister Mrs. when he was younger  One time while visiting his parents grave he meets a strange man- He asks Pip to get him a file and some writtles (food). Chapter 2 Setting: At home; We meet Joe Gargery, the blacksmith, and Mrs. Joe, Pip?s sister  Joe Gargery and Pip were both brought up by hand  At dinner Pip placed his bread for the convict down the leg of his trousers  The family receives news that Hulks(convicts) are on the loose  Later that night, Pip gets some bread, cheese, pork pie, mincemeat,  brandy, and the file (from the forge, this is where Joe works) Chapter 3 Setting: In the churchyard again; Pip delivers the stolen goods  Pip approached a man who was dressed in coarse grey, and had a great iron on his leg, but this was a different man  Pip saw the right convict hugging himself and limping. He had the chills and the fever  The convict asked Pip if he brought anyone and he said no, and the man believed him  The convict asked Pip where the man w/ the bruised face went. Pip pointed and handed him the file Chapter 4 Setting: At home; Christmas dinner we meet Mr. Pumblechook, Mr. Wopsle, and the Hubbles  Pip was fearful on his return that there would be a police officer waiting for him at home, but no one suspected the robbery  Pip made the excuse that he was listening to Christmas Carols  The guests: Mr. Wopsle- Church?s assistant to a parish priest- Mr. Hubble- one who makes wheels- Uncle Pumblechook- a grain merchant. He also had a chaise-cart  A file of soldiers w/ handcuffs. The wanted Joe to fix the handcuffs  They all go to the marshes in search for the convicts Chapter 5 Setting: On the marshes; Pursuit  The search party could hear voices calling  They found the two convicts; There was water splashing and mud flying, and oaths were being sworn and blows being struck  They lit torches and marched separating the convicts  In order to take pip out of suspicion, this convict tells the sargent that he stole the food from Joe ? The convict was taken on a boat and disappeared into the night Chapter 6 Setting: At home; Pip receives an odd job  Pip learns to write at Mr. Wopsle?s great aunt?s school  When Uncle Joe was a kid, he had parents who drank heavily and so Joe didn?t attend school  Miss Havisham- rich and grim lady who lives in a large and dismal house barricated against robbers  Pip is invited to play at her house, but he doesn?t know why Chapter 7 Setting: At Miss H?s Satis house: We meet Miss h and Estella * Uncle Pumblechook takes Pip to her house  Miss H?s house had many iron bars and some windows were walled up  Estella lets Pip in the gate; She is very pretty and proud  Estella is called down to play w/Pip. They play cards and Pip asks to go home- When leaving she asks him to return in six days Chapter 8 Setting: At home: Pip reports on his visit w/ Miss H  Mr. Pumblechook and Mrs, Joe asked Pip questions  Pip lied to them but then told Joe the truth Chapter 9 Setting: In the village; Biddy and a secret looking stranger  Joe sometimes went to a public house to smoke his pipe/ Three Jolly Bargemen  Joe was there w/ Mr. Wopsle and a stranger  When the men?s drinks arrive the stranger stirred it w/ a file! He did this so only Pip saw him. The stranger was the convict  also the stranger gives Pip two one pound notes/ Pip sister puts them in a piece of paper, and puts that under some dried rose leaves in an ornamental tea- pot on top of the state parlor  This remained a nightmare to Pip many a nights Chapter 10 Setting: At Satis House; We meet