Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, is the third book in the trilogy of J. K. Rowlings other Harry Potter books, though she is coming out with four more books in the coming years.

Just to quickly run through the two previous books; Harry Potter is a wizard, who?s parents were killed by the worst dark wizard ever known. The reason why Harry Potter is still around, is because Lord Voldemort failed to kill Harry. His spell hit Harry, but then backfired on Voldemort taking all of his powers with him. Harry is so famous for two things. Withstanding the powers of Lord Voldemort, and, taking him back in to the underworld in hiding. In the first book, Harry receives a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He?s eventually allowed to go, and spends the next six months there learning magic, getting into trouble, and trying to solve mysteries of his past, and the school. In the second book, Harry goes back to his second year at Hogwarts, and gets into more trouble, figures out many astonishing mysteries and learns loads more magic. His best friends in the two books consist of Ron and Hermione (two of his fellow wizard students) and Hagrid the gamekeeper who was expelled from Hogwarts but allowed a job as the gamekeeper.

Now to get to the Prisoner of Azkaban. Harry Potter is back for the summer at the Dursley?s home. The Dursley?s are his mothers sister, and that family detests Harry in every way possible. They keep him locked up in a cupboard in the basement, take his owl (used for delivering mail etc.) his wand, and his trunk of spell books and everything else he could use to do any bit of magic. Harry?s birthday again passes without being noticed by the Dursley?s, but Harry receives presents from Ron and Hermione and also Hagrid.

Over the summer the entire town was in shock for one afternoon when 13 people were harshly murdered by a man known only as Sirius Black, whom no one had seen before. The pursuit of Serious continues for a long time and doesn?t? end too soon.

Harry counts as the days pass by, waiting for the day when he travels out to catch the train "9 3/4", the train to Hogwarts hidden between trains 9 and 10.

There is a big problem now, though. Aunt Marge was coming over to visit, and this meant big trouble if Harry did anything wrong. When the "family" was gathered around the table to eat dinner that night, Aunt Marge was criticizing Harry for the entire time, how he looked bad in glasses, how his hair looked like crap and how he was a bad apple from when he was born and to top it off, how he shouldn?t have been born from his crappy parents. Harry couldn?t take it any more. He hauled off and yelled a stream of magic which sent aunt Marge into the air inflating like a balloon. At this Harry ran downstairs and grabbed Hedwig (his owl) and all of his other Magical things and ran out the door into the cold, dark streets. Harry knew that he was probably going to be expelled from Hogwarts for magic out side of school grounds is prohibited and he had been warned once before. He ran through the streets scared like never before what would happen to him if he got expelled and had to return to the Dursleys.

Later in the streets as Harry walked by there was a sudden large BANG and out of nowhere a big bus was sitting on the ground next to him. Harry walked in and found out that this was the night bus for stranded witches and wizards like him, and Harry could go anywhere he wanted for 10 shillings. Harry could easily say yes to this for his parents had left him a fortune in a vault at the Gringotts bank in London. He walked in and lay down in one of the dorms, but the next thing he knew he was right outside "The Leaky Cauldron" the center point between the "Muggle" (normal people) world and the Magical world. He thanked the bus driver and turned the brick in the Leaky Cauldron to go into the Magical world.

In a days time, he