Gabriella Maruri

Being aware of the birth control and having medical coverage can prevent an unwanted pregnancy.
Education and sex awareness of the sexually transmitted disease is just as important as to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Students from elementary grade to teens in high school, all are fully educated on sex education provided by the credential classes. More so understand the possibilities’ in conceiving a child that caused by unprotected sex. This would be an unwanted pregnancy because people chose not to be responsible for their sexual behaviors by protecting themselves with birth control methods. A cause and effect situation leads to the murder of a fetus.
The first thing the doctor will prescribe for a woman after an abortion is birth control to prevent any unwanted future pregnancies. Most commonly used a contraceptive to prevent pregnancy these days, is the shots given every 3 to 6 months. Also famous is the band that stays in the uterus, for three years and could remove any time if wanting to get pregnant. There are many ways not get pregnant. Abortions should not be considered as a contraceptive or method of birth control.

Planned Parenthood is one of the many organization clinics that will assist in the procedures of how to get on birth control, and it is free.
Planned Parenthood is one of the many group clinics that will help in helping females get on birth control. The Taxpayers money payout to fund medical attention and assistance to those with lower income single mothers and elderly. But opposed to paying taxpayers money for abortions.
Gen. relief/medical is a different coverage than that of Planned Parenthood. Because Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit organization that supports the potential right to terminating pregnancies. As far into the second trimester or 21 weeks of the fetus development. The fetus now has developed; ears, toes, a heartbeat, eyes, legs, arms, it is a baby.

The voice of an unborn child needs to be heard, and his or her life should have a legal chance to live regardless of the Mother or Fathers decision.
There are always alternatives when finding out one is pregnant. If the Mother felt that she could not care for the child. One consideration is adoption. There are many couples who can not have babies themselves, or just have a big home to fulfill their hopes of an adopted children. Couples have also been known to pay for a woman’s medical bills and extra money for giving up her child. These are often set up at adoption agency or private increments.
Another alternative is foster care, an opportunity for the parents to become financially stable at home prepared for their child. Sometimes the Family Court gets involved with the family, to protect the child as the children are in a different family’s home temporarily.
Family members possibly could help him take guardianship of the unborn child rather than terminating the pregnancy altogether. The Parents of the unborn, can give their parental rights up. This decision provides an opportunity for family members, to adopt or be granted guardianship over the child once it is born. Like a Brother, a Sisters, and most commonly the Grandparent’s, to take or gain legal custody through the Family Court.

The Law has charged many people for Felonies that involve children and their safety, and has removed children from their parent’s home for neglect and unsuitable living environments. Child Endangerment is a felony charge that could even be brought up against any person that there is a kid evolved with a crime. Therefore, the laws should be more strict and enforcing prosecution on Mothers who kill their unborn child willfully.
There are laws that protect children from many different levels of Laws that protect a fetus, the Unborn, and the living child. The Child’s Protection Services is a Government Agency that is designed just for the protection of the children. Keeping children with endangered environments’. Such as when parents do criminal crimes with their children being involved. One example is petty theft, anyone who steals from a store and the child is there during the crime that person will be prosecuted with criminal charges.