Health and Diet

There are two major factors that determine the way a person looks, feels

and their weight. Diet and exercise is a great mediator in the way person

looks, weighs and feels. Your diet will greatly impact on the way you look,

the way you approach things and the amount you will be able to do

physically. A good balanced diet consists of the five major food groups. No

single food can provide all the essential nutrients needed for good health

and well being.

The five major food groups are: Bread and Cereal, Fruit, Vegetables, Meat

and Meat Alternatives and the Milk Group. Bread and Cereal are recommended

for six or seven serves per day. Fruit is recommended for two to three

serves per day. Vegetables are recommended for four serves per day. Meat

and Meat Alternatives are recommended for one serve per day. The Milk Group

for a young or still growing person is of much greater importance than when

the person has stoped growing. The reason for this is because while growing

your body needs fats and dairy products for energy and nutrients. After

growing has stoped your body will store this as fat because the need for

energy and nutrients is not as great.

If you follow these plans to eat [above and below] you will look and feel

great, you will also be able to participate in more physical activities

such as running, skipping and swimming. The food groups are broken up into

three other groups: Eat Most, Eat Moderately and Eat Least [as seen in

chart below]. The eat most food group consists of foods such as: wholegrain

cereals, bread [preferably wholegrain], pasta, rice, vegetables and fruit.

The eat moderately food group consists of foods such as: milk, cheese,

yoghurt, lean meat, poultry, fish, nuts, eggs and pulses [e.g. soya beans].

The eat least food group contains foods like: butter, margarine, oils and

sugar. Also to compensate for the fluids lost through perspiration,

expiration and urine and faeces we should drink two to three litres of

water per day. These ideas may contribute to general health and well-being

if put into practice.

Exercise will also help you lose weight and have higher self-esteem by

burning kilojoules that will inturn make you thinner. Exercise will also

work your muscles and make you more flexible and agile. By participating in

sport and exercise you develop physical skill and group loyalty.