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I. Introduction
A. Thesis
B. Statement of problem
II. Beginnings
A. Childhood
B. The Making of a Revolutionary
III. The Five Year Plans in Industry
A. Progress and Benefits to Russia
B. Downfalls for the People
IV. Agricultural Changes
A. Collectivization
B. The Liquidation of the Kulaks
C. Famine
V. Social Changes
A. Social Benefits
B. Personal Advancements
C. Woman in Society
VI. Purges
A. The Party
B. The Army
C. The Burial Pits
VII. Conclusion
A. Summary
B. Final Statement

In this paper I plan to prove that even though Stalin made improvements
in the Russian industrial system, his rule did not benefit Russian society and
the Russian people. In order to accomplish this, several questions must be asked.
How did Stalin affect Russia's industrial power? How did Stalin try to change
Russia's agricultural system? What changes did Stalin make in society? What were
Stalin's purges, and who did they effect?
Joseph Vissarionovich Djugashvili was born on December 21, 1879, on the
southern slopes of the Caucasus mountains, in the town of Gori. His mother,
Ekaterina was the daughter of a...
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