There was a time when we celebritized our heroes whereas now we heroicized our celebrities. In the ancient Greek times, all celebrities were the beloved heroes that everyone heard about in the stories that were told; when heroes were directly in the public’s eye. People became celebrities because they were heroes. As children, we looked up most to our community heroes like police officers and firefighters. However, now a days, everyone’s main focus has diverted from our community heroes, to societies over gloried celebrities. We’ve replaced our heroes with celebrities which is completely incorrect. As heroes are not the same as our idols, heroes often work harder to achieve their goal in comparison to a celebrity, and this generation is so focused on pop culture, we lose our attention on who we should really be admiring. Unfortunately, celebrities are now viewed as today’s heroes.
Celebrities are created by the media but heroes create themselves. Does one really know what a celebrity is like or just what the media shows them to be? Or do we project our own perspective of what we wish them to be like? We only see what their Public Relations team wants us to see. Many celebrities start acting up in front of cameras to gain back the public’s attention. From smashing their car into their house, shaving of their hair, or shocking award show performances to bring themselves back into fame. What is the point of it all though? There is no real message behind these shock tactics of theirs. The more the media pays attention, the more their status increases as a celebrity, and the more everyone wants to know about them. Many celebrities are overpaid compared to their talent because of how much press attention they receive. Let\'s just take Justin Bieber who became famous for this singing but hasn\'t released new music in over two years, yet still always manages to find him on the front page of every tabloid in 2014. To be a celebrity, it matters more of the media exposure one gets, rather the greatness of an actual achievement. In contrast, heroes don\'t work to impress the media. Of course there are times when modern day heroes need the attention of the media to raise awareness for something, like using hashtags over Twitter and Instagram to get the public’s attention. They’re dependant on the public’s support, not the media’s. Heroes are independent from the presses influence, unlike celebrities.
Heroes are far more independent in their work compared to a celebrity who has tons of help from the very beginning. A celebrity has a whole team including; their agent, publicist, assistant, etc. helping all along the way by arranging, planning, creating and endorsing events for them. Though, how does one even really know that the celebrity themselves were the ones whose idea it was in the first place? They don’t. It could have been anyone from their team hoping to get him/her back in the spotlight for something good and gain publicity. Oppositely, heroes like Terry Fox; the teenager who with an amputated leg decide to run across Canada to raise money for Cancer research, started out with only his best friend and trailer to help him. Even his parents weren’t up for the idea. Heroes have a harder time getting the public’s attention for their cause. “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” (Joseph Campbell) They fight for something more meaningful then themselves. Even long ago, when Greek mythology legends were the most told about heroes, like Perseus whose quest to slay the monster Medusa is extremely well known, even now. The myths, prophecies, and adventurous quests that he took on to save all of Greece from the mythical monster Medusa. In his case, he defended his land and completed more than just one big quest no one else had it in them to do; that’s what heroes do! Mythical or not, he’s a classic hero one shall never forget about. However there’s yet to be a celebrity out there like Terry Fox, Martin Luther King Jr or even Perseus. Even after the death of a heroe, he/she is still remembered by the