Dear Abby

Adolf Hitler
Consider the most gruesome of crimes against humanity during the last century. Also, consider the time it took to carry out these deliberate deeds against human life. What could you compare them to in our current millennium? Adolf Hitler terrorized countries and tried to extinguish an entire race over a period of about eight years. Osama Bin Laden tried to exude fear worldwide in only a few short hours. How could anything good come from such brutal acts? While both acts were despicable and served only to kill or hurt innocent victims, the end result was a united force to eliminate these evil doers.
There have always been conflicts about religion, race and cultural or political ideology, but the impact that one man such as Adolf Hitler had over such a long period of time is difficult to compare with anything else. His reign of methodically killing and creating hate for Jews makes a person question his sanity. Hitler was charismatic to many followers and his behavior on the stage promoted strength and a relentless fight for victory. Germany had little in the way of economy when Hitler came to the forefront with his plans for economic growth through war. People believed in his power (through fear or otherwise) enough to disregard human life to such a horrible degree. Although, there was consensus and support within Germany and its people for this former prisoner?s reign, there was an unwavering and stronger, more united fight against him and his heinous crimes.
How could any good come from such evil? The United Nations now stands to represent and protect all countries of the world against such genocide due largely to the acts of Adolf Hitler. The United Nation?s agenda focuses on solving human rights issues and creating worldwide awareness about human rights violations. You would hope that in this day and age, the likes of Osama Bin Laden would learn from such historical acts of unity and utilize such institutions as the United Nations to promote agendas without resorting to other barbaric means. Could there ever be another devastating hatred for another race now or in the future? How could millions of people accept such outrages acts? Hitler had the luxury of blowing his own brains out, but I don?t think that luxury will be afforded to anyone who commits similar acts of terror now or in the future.