How purpose, audience, tone, and content impact academic writing. When writing a paper you need to make sure that your paper has a purpose, an audience, a tone, and content. Your purpose, why are you writing a paper and what is the desired impact you hope to make? This helps you to set your mind up for the paper and will help you remain focused on a central idea and help you create good flow in your paper. Your audience is very important. This is who you are trying to reach with your paper. It may be a teacher, a specific group, or a general group of people. This also sets up your paper for the tone as well as further concreting the focus of the paper. The tone, this point can doom a paper. If your tone is not appropriately chosen and used throughout the paper then the paper can seem confusing and possibly even sound like rambling. The tone helps express your opinion on the paper and the papers intent. The content, you decide what information to include in your paper. By picking and choosing information and content in a paragraph controls the flow of the reading. Change the subject to abruptly you may confuse the reader, change it to slowly the reader may get bored. Also the content validates the paper. It proves the purpose, proves your point, and or justifies your argument.