How Successful was Our Nation during the first 4 presidencies?
By Kielle Popham

Over time we have had 44 different presidents with different opinions and views. I here to talk about the first 4. I am going to answer some questions. During the first four presidencies did our nation stay united? Did we keep our rights? Did any of if the president abuses their power? I will answer all of the questions in this essay.

During the first four presidencies did our nation stay united? I believe yes! With all the trial our country faced, we stayed very united. We faced French Revolution, NW territory conflicts, XYZ Affair, aliens and Sedition acts, Barbary Pirates, Embargo acts, Tecumseh, Tippecanoe and War Hawks. With all of these conflicts we made it through as one nation. So I believe we truly did stay united.

Did we keep our rights? I Think we sort did. We tried to keep all things fair and in a way. However we took rights when we formed the alien and sedition acts. I understand that it was meant to protect us but it took our rights away. But other than that we keep our rights.

I believe yes one of the presidents misused the power of being President. John Adams misused the power of being president. He created laws that couldnít allow us to say what we wanted, and didnít allow us to publish our ideas about the government. So yes we had a president who abused the rights as president.

The president should have not made the aliens and seductions acts. My final thoughts are that all in all we had a very good country. There will always be problems and bumps, but in the end we powered through it and are still here today!