Many teenagers who run away from home wander around the street needing help. I believe whenever they are in any plight, whether it is an addiction to drugs, joining a gang and committing a crime, or escaping just from home, they can be changed through a caring society that is willing to help them. Society helps them to have the interest to solve their problems, to provide a shelter for them, and to offer the opportunity for education.
First, having an interest in their problems is an easy way. Sometimes, just by listening to their story and spending time with them to solve their problems is very helpful because the only thing they want is attention. Several years ago, a Korean singer made a song called ??Come Back Home?? for runaway youth. Many who listened to the song were impressed by his massage and returned to their home. This case shows us that the first and easiest step to help them is to have concern for them.
Second, society provides a shelter to help them having nowhere to come back. Most of them could do nothing except to roam the streets where they are exposed to dangers, such as drugs, assault, rape, diseases, and other various crimes. If society leaves them alone around streets, they may go to jail or die finally. By providing refuge to them, society relieves them from the danger of crime and death.
In addition to providing a shelter for them, society can help to offer the opportunity for education. If they have a place to rest, but they have no work, they can cause problems again. Society can offer them various programs to learn, and the programs may help them to solve their problems by enabling them continue their studies or to get a job. Education programs might cost a lot, but it makes teenagers to be better people than before. Giving a chance to learn is a good support to change someone??s life.
Paying attention, providing safety, and giving educational opportunities are important services to them. Helping them needs lots of money and time, but it is worth doing because it can rescue teenagers running away from home, deliver them to their family, save our society from the crisis that runaway teenagers might cause. Helping runaway teenagers is also helping our society. Try to talk to them, it can create a better future. I believe in the saying it takes a village to raise a child.