In Blade Runner, the story reflects on how a thin line separates humans and replicants. Human beings, although almost visually indistinguishable from replicants, are comparable to robots, having lost our humanity and performing tasks like robots.

The routine life that humans have everyday can be compared to the function of a robot. Through the Voight-Kampff test in the movie, we can understand that there is high possibility of manipulating a robot with identical human features. For example, we only realize that Deckard was actually a replicant and not a human being at the end of the movie. The realization that Deckard was a replicant allows us to understand that humans are indistinguishable from the replicants in the film. In the society, there are many rules that guide or tell what one has to do in life. These rules are comparable to the programming of the robot; having to follow what the computer has installed for it. Yet, we do not realize how much our routine life is controlled just like a robot to conform ourselves into society.
Instead of having humans to do physical manual work, in the era that we are living in now, many tasks are already replaced by robots. From Blade Runner, we realize that replicants can be programmed to have superior intelligence and strength. When Deckard?s ex-boss Inspector M. Bryant ordered Deckard to track down the replicants, he said, ?He?s not good enough ? not as good as you? I need your magic?. This was because the previous blade runner, a human was not as superior as Deckard, a replicant to perform the task. Just as how Tyrell Corporation is able to manufacture replicants superior to humans; humans have invented machines which is able to perform jobs much better than ourselves. Such as the appliances that we use at home, we use them because they outperform human beings. Nowadays, to seek information from the internet on the computer, searching though search engine probably takes a few seconds or less. What if computers are not available? We would probably have to go to the library to scour through loads of books taking up much time and energy. Our lives are much more convenient now due to the presence of these machines.