I choose thus project because when watching television both name brand

batteries claim to be the best. I wanted to see which one actually did last the longest.

The Encyclopedia?s I did my research in say a battery is a device which

transforms chemical energy. The term is usually applied to a group of two or more

electric cells

connected together electrically. In comman usage the term battery is also applied to a

single cell, such as a flashlight battery. There are in general two types of batteries,

primary batteries and secondary storage or accumulator batteries. primary types,


sometimes consisting of the same palliative materials as secondary types, are

constructed so that only one continuous or intermittent discharge can be obtained.

Secondary types are contracted so that they may be recharged, following a April or

comply discharged, by the flow of direct current throughout them in a different appreciate

to the current flow or discharge. By recharging after discharge, a higher state of


is create at the at positive plate or electrode and a lower state at the negative plate,

returning the plate to approximately their original charged condition.

Both the primary and secondary cells are manufactured in many size and design

from the small electric wristwatch battery and the small penlight battery to the large

submarine battery, where a single cell has weights 1 tons. It all applications the cell

must be constructed for its particular service, so that the best performance may be

obtained consistent with cost, weight, space, and operational requirement. Automotive

and aircraft batteries generally used thin positive and negative plate with thin separation

to conserve space and weight and to provide high rate of current discharge at low