Igloos are the Inuit word for shelter.They are houses made of snow and ice.Igloos are shaped like domes with a tunnel entrance to trap cold air. They are usually made of hard block snow. Igloos often last a very long time even though they donít really need to cause the inuits travel a lot and igloos are easy to build! A skilled builder usually takes about an hour to build an igloo. The only tools required for building an igloo is a saw and a snow spade.Igloos are so well build that a full grown man could stand on the roof of one and it would collapse.It can also withstand hurricane type winds!

How the Inuits made igloos
The inuit usually build igloos on ledges or cliffs so they could form a wind break.When they find a suitable area to build the Inuits cut the shape of the igloo in the snow.After that is done they cut a wedge -shape block for the front of the entrance even though that entrance is never used. Then they cut two to three feet wide blocks and set them in a spiral pattern. After they finish the dome a hole is poked in the top,the entrance is cut out and sometimes a window is made from clear slates of ice. Then they make the entrance,and thats how an igloo is made.

Inuits lived in the Arctic for thousands of years. The Inuits lived in igloos during the winter and made houses out if driftwood in the summer. The wives usually cooked while the men went and hunted for fish, sea mammals,and a few land mammals.Inuits believed that all things had forms of spirits,including humans. Their diet usually consist of fat and they used the fur off the animals they killed as clothes. The Inuits used limited resources to survive. they had long ,cold winters and short,cool summers . The inuits were called lunks or ďthe peopleĒand their language was Eskimo- Aleut.

One way the Inuits kept their igloos warm
One way the inuits kept the igloos warm was by a Kidilik. A Kidilik is a type of lamp made by the Inuits used to warm an igloo.It is a crescent shaped lamp carved from stone and fueled by oil from animal blubber. A wick was made of moss or arctic cotton which draws the oil to make a type of liquid candle. The open stone lamp is not only used for heating the inside of an igloo,but is also used for cooking,drying clothes,and lots more.

My report was basically on igloos,how they were made,the Inuits,and one way to keep an igloo warm.I thought doing a project on igloos was interesting cause I think itís cool how people can live in igloos and use it as a shelter.Well I hope you liked my report. THE END!