In CSI Miami: Bad Seed, there is a death of two young adults due to them being infected with E. coli. One can only be infected with E coli if it is consumed into the body. So the disease was definitely hidden in their food. The detective of CSI set investigate about the case immediately but this was even bigger than just the couple’s death. If E.coli had infected these 2, than the whole city could have been dealing with an E.coli outbreak. They first investigated the restaurant, than the vegetables they got from the farm. Having no luck there, they sought out the delivery truck, which was contaminated. To find out how the truck was contaminated they went back to the farm and checked out the water supply. It was also contaminated. The water source was contaminated because of the cows on the farm only eating genetically modified corn which was messing with their digestive systems which would have worked better with grass. This episode of Csi Miami relates to our course, Food and Nutrition because food cross contamination and sterilization is extremely important or we could get a food borne illness. We could be preparing chicken but if we used dirty utensils while eating or preparing it the meal, we could get really sick. Did we start with a dirty or clean cooking board and knife? Did we wash our hands or just wipe them on the closest thing near us? Did we clean up everything after so we can start right away the next time we cook? It all leads back to how we started. Beginning