In the short story "A Temporary Matter" written by Jhumpa Lahiri, it talks about the life and the struggles of the two married couple Shukumar and Shoba. In this short story, the two couple are going through a difficult time due to the fact that Shoba lost the their first and only baby while she was giving birth. Before the baby's death, Shoba was a well organized person, she was able to plan ahead and she kept a positive attitude. After the baby died, that is when things started to change course. The author shows how Shoba changed as a result of the struggle.
As the result of the struggle, there was a negative shift in Shoba's lifestyle. Before the baby died, she was a well organized and independent woman. In the short story where the narrator is saying "She used to put her coat in a hanger, her sneakers in the closet, and she paid bills as soon as they came" (p.6). This indicates that Shoba used to care of how things were in the house but after the baby died, she has become depressed and did not care about anything. An evidence for this is in the text it says "It struck him as odd that there were no real candles in the house. That Shoba hadn't prepared for such an ordinary emergency." (p. 9). This tells the reader that she isn't the same person as she was prior to the baby's death. She was always prepared for any possible circumstances. But now that things turned out the way they shouldn't, she has also changed her ways. She is not the same person after the baby's death. Also, in the text it says "Shoba would throw together meals that appeared to have taken half of the day to prepare.." (p.7). This indicates that Shoba was one to care about things in her life and was one to take care of people around her.

Another result of the struggle is when Shoba no longer spends times at home with her husband. For instance, the story says "the more Shoba stayed out the more she began putting in extra hours at work and taking on additional projects" (p.2). This indicates that Shoba is still devastated and still coping with the loss of her child. This is an evidence for change because instead of being home with her husband, taking care of the household chores and her responsibilities as a wife, she is burying herself with work and spending most of her time outside of the house. Also in the text it says "he thought of how he and Shoba had become experts at avoiding each other"(p.4) This shows how badly the conflict affected Shoba and their relationship as a married couple. At times when she is at home, she does not take the time to talk to her husband but instead ignore him and does things that does. It involve her husband. This indicates that is no more communication in their relationship. Also in the text it said, "Shukumar thought, on mornings after a party or a night at a bar, when she'd been too lazy to wash her face, too eager to collapse into his arms". This indicates that there was a healthy relationship between the two couple. There was communication and love which is crucial to a healthy relationship. A healthy relationship should consist of affection towards each other and Shoba shows that by wanting to be in her husband's arm after a long day.
Overall, due to the child's death, the character has changed. Prior to the death of the child, Shoba was a well organized, responsible and affectionate person and wife. However, misfortunes in life do happen and affects people in a negative way. Everyone faces situations and the outcomes are sometimes not the ones we anticipate. In this particular story, Shoba and her husband faced a situation that did not end in the way they expected. Life put the couple into a test and it lead them to a path where things are complicated and unusual.