Influence of Entertainment Media

HUM/186 (BSEW1I0TY2)
August 24, 2015
University of Phoenix

Influence of Entertainment Media
In today world some of the social influences of entertainment media is positive, but most of it is negative. People that actually set and watch movies, TV shows or even listen to music would say the same thing. So many of todayís movies, TV shows and even music delivers a bad stereotype a lot of it promotes gang activity, violence, or drugs. What people donít realize is media is through a lot of different things not just the television, internet or radio it is also through magazines, and newspapers along with many of other things. People donít realize the generation now days thinks that the media is the only form of communication and only way to get information. Letís look at a few ways that entertainment effects the younger generation and how it affects the way they act, dress, and talk.
The influence of entertainment has grew tremendously over the years more than most people think. It affects the way they dress, talk, and act. The television is the common and most known form of entertainment that has got influence. The television exposes the upcoming generation to thousands of images. These images include; celebrities advertisement, violence, sex, among many others. The advertisement done by the media is another exposure to the upcoming generation. Although, the media makes a lot of money from the advertisements, they have some negative influences to the younger generation. Many citizens are influenced, by the advertisements, and this makes them buy the things that they are told that are good. Decisions are made from the advertisements that the citizens are exposed to daily. This is based on what is seen on the newspapers, magazines, or television. The product is deemed to be the best and most people make decisions based on what the media is propagation. ( The companies that are making all the money when making these advertisements need to take into consideration that the younger generations thinks that everything they see on the media is ok to do. They think that person did it and didnít get in trouble so I can. Just like this generation sees how all the people in the movies and music videos dress and think itís cool. Most movies now days has a lot of cussing and todayís generation hear it on the movies and people around them talking the same way so thatís the way they start talking because they look up to most of them people. And if those people are talking that way when theyíre supposed to be setting examples they think its ok to do it so they do.
Todayís entertainment industry continues to have effects and influence on todayís younger generation so they need to find ways to turn it around and make a positive effect. Maybe if the entertainment had a positive outlook less of todayís generation will grow up and end up in jail and prision.