The organization that we are going to discuss in this report is The Star Radio Group, which is a telecommunication organization operating in Malaysia. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Star Publication. The Star Radio Group is one of the top commercial radio broadcasters in the country and it is currently managing few radio channels, including those which are most famous: the 988, the Red FM, the Suria FM and etc. According to its management, the organization?s goal of The Star Radio Group is to become the leading company in the domestic radio industry. Therefore, continuous improving company?s operation and improving customers and audients experience are the keys to the success in achieving this goal. The 988 channel is operating in Chinese language; whereas Red FM and Suria FM are operate in English and Malay language respectively. This is one of the strategies that The Star Radio Group used to attract and open it market coverage, as Malaysia is a country, which fulfil with three main languages. Beside the external strategy that The Star Radio Group apply, it also has a powerful internal strategy which to keep every staff to clearly know what should they achieve. As a example, there is a STARS word used in The Star Radio Group which is formed from Spice up, Trash out, Ace it, Rev up and Soul up by each department. Spice up is work creatively and proactively when providing 5-STAR customer service. Whereas, Trash out is provide only the best solutions to the customers. Next, Ace it is takes pain to understand customer needs in order to deliver customer satisfaction. Rev up is build and maintains good and effective working relationships. Last, soul up is practice honesty, integrity and professionalism. Overall, the goals are to eradicate communication barriers and to initiate technology to promote the country\'s development.
Therefore, in order to achieve the goals, The Star Radio Group has used some information systems that have brought a lot of benefits to the company. The main information systems that use by The Star Radio Group are SAP system, Airwaves Traffic and Radio Commercial System (RCS). First, SAP is known as Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing. It is one of the financial information systems which use by the finance department. Also, SAP system develops Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for companies to manage their enterprise?s business activities. It also includes the solutions for accounting, human resource, distribution and manufacturing functions. Under SAP system, there are some niche software like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and more ( The Star Radio Group started using SAP system two years ago to manage their financial activities such as recording financial transactions and preparing financial reports. The Accounting Department receives invoice of customers through Airwaves System, and transfer the data into SAP system. Furthermore, the accounting department will also record the transaction by using SAP system after the customers have made payment. On the other hand, all the financial statements will have to prepare by writing and keep them into file if without SAP system. It is very time consuming and inconvenient for both employees and customers. Hence, by using SAP system, it helps The Star Radio Group get rid of these filing problems because all the information is already keeps in the computer. Besides that, SAP system also improves financial management and company governance. It helps to gain deep visibility into the company with financial and management accounting functionality combined with business analytics. Because all the information has kept in the computer and the employee will not have to refer that information from file, this improves the financial control and the risk is able to manage. As a result, this SAP system allows employee work in a more effective working environment.
Apart from SAP system, the other main information system that use by The Star Radio Group is Airwaves Traffic. Airwaves Traffic is a system used to control commercial scheduling and invoicing, edits and stores scripts, provides instant sales and revenue projection reports.It also helps to manage clients, prospects, business contacts and clients calls ( Basically, it helps to reduce a lot of paperwork as Airwaves Traffic combines multi-station traffic and invoicing system into one easy-to-use program. This has improved the working efficiency. The commercial service revenue is considered to be main source of revenue