As I walk down to the park to watch initiation,
I see the two eager kids fight.
"I remember when I was young and when I had initiation," I thought.
When I had to fight another kid my age,
We were just 2 young eager kids,
Just like these two.

"They still have hope," I thought
Why would they want to join a gang?
As I walk down, I see a young man take a picture of the fight,
Then I realize,
The outsiders won\'t see this as playful fighting,
They\'ll take it as a crisis.
They will see it as street violence,
Something only we do.
They only see our neighborhood,
And how bad it is.
Then they assume that we are as bad as our neighborhood.
But we are good people,
Despite our home and surroundings,
We truly are.
But the media won\'t realize that,
They\'re too focused on fights than peace
They don\'t realize it\'s playful,
The media just doesn\'t understand the hardship for us.