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Еаrthquаkе Аnd Mаsоnry , Sitе Visit Rероrt ( Bоrаl Rооf Tilеs )
Tile roofing has been considered over an extended period as one of the most popular techniques used by masonries when installing a new roof on different types of houses ( Ward-Harvey, 2009; Staunton, 2014) . One of the most remarkable features of this technology that makes it more popular among residential owners and people constructing their homes is its aesthetic value. The roof is not only attractive but also appeals to the eye when viewed from a distance. Moreover, tiles are valued due to their ability to insulate and protect the building against a variety of threat elements. These features include inclement weather conditions, fires, winds, and earthquakes. Research indicates that a well-fitted tile system can even last for more than 50 years ( Westrip & Holroyde , 2010) . This report provides a detailed presentation of the learning phenomenon witnessed during a visit to the Boral roof tiles factory in Pooraka (Adelaide). The visit was exhilarating and aimed to put into practice all the different learning concepts acquired in class regarding a course in earthquake and masonry.
An Overview of the Boral - Masonry Pooraka
Boral Masonry and Roofing Company bears its location at the main North Road in Pooraka, 5095, Australia. The entire business overview is carried out in three different categories that account for the primary sources of revenue and supernormal profits recorded by the roofing and masonry firm ( Das & Saikia , 2013) . These business groups include The Paving that deals with bricks and stones alone, The Concrete that exists as the company product distributors as well as The Tiles & Tiling business ( Australian Greenhouse Office , 2012) . The last business entity deals with roofing alone. However, there are five different business subsidiaries located within the Concrete business, which acts as the primary distributors of the company products. These business entities are found to be located 5 KM away from the main Boral Masonry and Roofing Company. Additional firms that appear within the5 kilometer radius include Cliff Joy, P.w.j . Brick Paving, and Redwood Paving. Nonetheless, Boral remains the most sustainable and long enduring business company in Australia with a global presence ( Boral Roofing , 2011) . The company's aim is to provide outstanding masonry, building and roofing materials and related services to the larger population of Australia and the entire world.
The Current Position of the Company
Today, Boral Masonry and Roofing Company has continued to expand and cover several areas with a target of providing adequate and convenient building, roofing and construction materials in Australia and the entire world ( Irving & Apperly , 2015). One of the major company trending branch and brand include the Boral Masonry business entity. This firm exists as an outlet and outdoor factory of the main Boral Masonry and Roofing Company located in Adelaide. The company's strategic position in the northern region of Pooraka serves it with a competitive edge of hosting the South Australia's masonry division.
Wilson (2016) adds that t he Adelaide unit stands out as one of the leading and largest suppliers of concrete products all over Australia. The company boasts of its numerous years of experience in the roofing, building and masonry industry with its outstanding potential of providing a plethora of quality products in the entire Australia. Today many customers prefer buying a variety of construction materials such as tiles, bricks and related services such as building masonry and tiling fitting from this company. This positive trend has been influenced by the ability of the company to offer quality products at cheaper and affordable products wh en compared to its competitors.
Some of the company customers cited easy accessibility, the ready availability of the company quality products and their affordability as the main factors driving purchasing trends ( Ward-Harvey, 2009; Staunton, 2014) . As such, Boral Masonry and Roofing Company continued to post supernormal profits and revenues resulting from increased business activities, expansion, and attraction of loyal as well as potential customers. Nonetheless, the roofing and masonry giant employs a team of qualified,