IT Strategic Plan for KALCH Distribution Company
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Business Statement
The KALCH Distribution Company (KDC) is a regional transport and distribution company which has operated for over 60 years. The company's headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware with well-educated and experienced employees; counting to 400 employees which include truck drivers. For the sake of efficiency and timely distribution which is aimed at minimizing delays, the company has 6 distribution terminals which are; Philadelphia PA, Baltimore MD, New York City, Washington DC, Newark NJ and Wilmington DC which are terminals for consolidation of freights. The company also has 100 delivery vehicles which include 20 tractors/semi-trailer units, 40 box trucks and 40 panel vans. Currently, the KDC Company operates in an extreme competitive market with $39 million annual revenue which makes the financial health to be low at 4%. However the company has a strategy to implement and see the growth at least 5% per annum. To make this goal achievable the President, Mr. John expects to see the expenses cut by approximately 5% which will aid fund the new strategies.
Business Strategic Objectives
The KDC's management team has strategic objectives that initiate the achievement of the set goals of the company. These objectives include;
Warehousing services: The Company desire to provide warehousing services for its customers that want to reduce the delivery timeframe to their customer by allowing the products to be available locally.
Improvement of loading miles: KDC aims at improving on the percentage of the loading miles of their fleet in order to reduce the costs by coordinating the pickups and delivery of freight on the same time in the same geographic locality.
Freight tracking: KDC wants to track the whereabouts of the freights both on terminals and on trucks which targets to provide customers with guaranteed delivery times and dates.
Improvement of Online Presence: KDC management team should look into the online marketing strategy which focuses on creating or updating their website which lets potential clients to get familiar freight hauling and their availability for transportation of products. The online strategy should also include a section to attract qualified drivers, signing up for online directories. This aims at increasing the chances of manufacturer or freight brokerage firm to learn about the company's capabilities of growth in future ("SmartAdvice: How To Develop An IT Strategic Plan - InformationWeek", 2017).
IT Vision and Mission Statement
The Information Technology Service group for the CIO at the KDC Company is to aim at an efficient and positive force in the regional transport and distribution channel with an innovative approach to quality management and an exemplar of full-service commitment to its customers and staff (Miller, 2017).
KDC's mission is to become a market leader through the consistently exceeding of our customers; expectations; through the provision of the best breed of technology solutions for transport and distribution. KDC will continually apply IT products to finance and accounting, freight tracking, route optimization and fleet maintenance. KDC will also keep on top of the current and tomorrow's technology despite the fast advancement in technology to make sure that customers have the best operational tools.
The IT governance process starts with the establishment of clear goals and objectives to achieve which the KDC Company has clearly outlined. The establishment will aid in the alignment of the efforts with exact needs of the company and manage expectations to enhance continuous focus. Next, KDC will include activities to get started and key implementation tasks with the suggested roles and responsibilities of the relative managing groups. The IT governance is an ongoing task so, this roadmap is just an initial phase of the expectations for sustainable approach. The company needs to formulate major changes and hence very significant not to only have high level sponsorship and leave out key stakeholders. The IT governance phase starts at defining the overall goal and to gain the support and commitment of the top managing group that lead to ongoing effective governance of IT activities (Paoletti, 2017).
Below are participant who are the main body of the IT governance of the KDC company because they are an important resource who contribute the fulfillment of the KDC's vision and mission. Here are the senior officials for the CIO, Leone to include;