Jared Gutwill
Narrative Speech
Speech Fundamentals
Background 1
A journey through my wrestling career
Event 1
Freshman year was my first season of wrestling. I started at a weight of 150lbs. By the time the season ended I had lost 30lbs and was now wrestling at 120lbs.
Event 2
We had about 30 matches through out the season. By the time the season my record was 1-30.
Transition 1
A year passed and my sophomore season had started.
Event 3
The season wasn't really anything special. I won a few matches but still needed improvement.
Event 4
When the my sophomore season came to an end I needed to work harder then I have ever worked before. I started Lifting everyday after school. By mid summer I had started taking private lessons 3x a week,
Transition 2
As time passed junior year had started.
Event 5
I became a more improved wrestler from all my hard work. It started to pay off. My record improved from 1-30 to 20-10
Event 6
This caught my coach's eyes. I was pushing myself harder and harder each day.
Event 7
Along with my private lessons, I started going to other camps and seminars, because I wanted to learn as much as I could.
Transition 3
Senior year finally arrived. It was my last chance to show everyone what I actually had in me including myself.
Event 8
My hard work kept paying off. My record improved from 20-10 to 25-5. I was winning tournament and beating wrestlers that I would have never thought I could beat. Others teams coaches knew who I was by name. When I walked on to the mat my coaches knew I was going to win.
Background 4
My wrestling career had a lot of ups and downs going from 1-30 to 25-5 took a lot of work. Dropping 30lbs in 1 season, to spending countless hours in the gym lifting and even more hours in private lessons. Just because the journey is hard and takes times doesn't mean you cant succeed.

Question 1: Have you ever done something that you were told you couldn't do?
Results: Yes-18 No-0
Question 2: Have you ever played a physical contact sport?
Results: Yes-14 No-4