Kaitlyn ChaitFinal Draft
Section D35
September 29, 2010
"Insert Definition of Your Community Here"
As a whole, how would a community classify themselves in one word? David Brooks in his essay "People Like Us" addresses how people in individual communities define themselves by common interest, race, socio - economic status, etc. "We The People"1 of the United States of America claim to be an integrated nation as a whole, however when describing an individual community, institution, or region, "diverse" is not a term used often.
Common interests are a huge factor to how people cat egorize themselves. However if one were to use such a general term as "common interest," it could pertain to almost anything.
Since the beginning of American history, as an independent nation, there have been division s between people pertaining to politics. Brooks gave an example of political divisions by mentioning how democratic lawyers, working in DC, tend to live in Maryland; and republican lawyers tend to live in Virginia. Politics have brought an effect to modern day society concerning how people organize themselves. For instance, the region of New England has more voters that are registered democratic or liberal. On the contrary, there are more registered republican and conservative voters in states such as Virginia and Texas.
Currently, there are divisions between people pertaining to the American Tea Party Movement. These activists are conservative extremists that have rallied against the current government, which has more democratic politicians in office . The website advertising the American Tea Party Movement also displays the communities where there are Tea Party Patriots active 2 . Having people in this movement may make democrats and liberals feel uncomfortable living in these cities, causing divisions.
Throughout history, and even in modern day, there have been many conflicts and wars between contrasting r eligions. In fact, America is thought as one of the most tolerant of different religions. Nevertheless, there are still communities where religions are not tolerated and in fact, hated. This past September 11, 2010, citizens of the town Gainesville, Florida threatened to burn over 200 copies of the Qu'ran 3 . The threat was brought upon by white, Anglo - Saxon Christian citizens, which are racist against Muslims. Communities with a common religion tend to be more unified. Usually, it makes practicing religion easier and more comfortable; essentially avoiding clashes between people.
Brooks said the term "diversity" was used to imply racial integration; however do many communities have an equal population of different races? Although every American citizen of all races has the same civil rights , racial integration in communities is not common . Usually people of a certain race feel comfortable living in neighborhoods where their race is the majority; causing people of a minority to migrate to other communities. According to Brooks the number of African - American "upper - middle class" families is exponentially increasing; however remain in African - American communities because of racism and psychological comfort. Will there ever be an interest to have cities of various races in America?
Are there many communities in America where one would find a surgeon, ma king over $250,000 a year, living next to a garbage man, making less than $40,000 a year? Normally a person lives in a city in which he or she can afford, despite what their salary is. Usually, families that have a higher gross income, tend to live in "upper - class" communities, such as Beverley Hills, California. On the other hand, people that do not have a high salary, and work for minimum wage, tend to live in "low - class" neighborhoods. People that are in a higher socio - economic usually want to be integrated with people that have either the same or similar status. They have the money to purchase the same materialistic items, and have the same goals for more success .
Economic statuses not only affect where people live, but it brings an effect to where companies sell their products. Normally, haute couture designers such as Chanel ™ , Louis Vuitton ™ , and Gucci ™ sell their products in high - class cities such as New York City, Paris, and London because that's where people can afford the expensive prices.