Katie Chait Draft
Section L4
September 16, 2010

"Insert Definition of My Community Here"

As a whole, how would a community categorize themselves in one word? In David Brooks "People Like Us," a citizen of a certain community describe the area by common interest, race, economic status, etc. "We the People" of the United States claim to be an integrated nation as a w hole, however when describing an individual community, "diverse" is not a term used often.
Common interests are a huge factor to how people categorize themselves. However if one were to use such a g eneral term as "common interest," it could pertain to almost an ything.
In America, certain political mind sets are used to describe an individual community or r egion. In recent history, New England has been known for having more liberals and democratic registered voters. On the ot her hand, more conservatives and republicans are registered in states such as Virginia and Texas . . Politics are not just the only common interests a community may have, nevertheless.
Many communities in America define themselves by the common religion. When different religions are brought together, it could cause clashing between people. By separating religions between communities, conflict is avoided in many ways. Also it gives people a better environment to practice the religion. This past September 11, 2010, citizens of Gainesville, FL threatened to have a ceremony where two - hundred copies of the Qu'ran 1 would be burned. Muslims have been known to not be welcomed in this town due to the conflicting religious ideals between them and the white, Anglo - Saxon Christians. Whether citizens believe it or not, having various religions in one community can cause divisions between people.
People of a certain age group usually categorize themselves in to small communities. For example, there are many Senior Citizen complexes in America. People that live in these complexes usually have similar upbringings and can easily relate to one another. According to Brooks, as people of a certain age group come together for a period of time, the community develops the personality of the citizens.
According to Brooks, "diversity" is a term implying racial integration; however do many communities have an equal combination of different races? Although every American citizen, of all races, have the same civil rights racial integration in communities is not common. In many cases , people feel comfortable living in neighborhoods where their race is the majority; and people of a minority race tend to migrate. Subconsciously, citizens of a city organize themselves, socially, by race.
Is there one community in America where a doctor, making $125,000 a year, lives next to a garbage man, making $40,000 a year? Normally doctors making that income, live in upper - middle class neighborhood with people that have an approximately equivalent income. Normally people want to be integrated with people that have the same economic status due to the fact that they usually have the same size homes, have the ability to afford similar luxuries, and have the same goals for success.
Also companies sell their products in regions where people will buy them; depending on their econ omic status. For example, haute couture designers tend to sell their products in cities such as New York City, London, and Paris because people with a high class economic status can pay the expensive prices. Stores such as Dollar TreeĀ© are in communities where the citizens have a low income; causing citizens to budget and look for lower - cost products.
Karl Marx hated how people organized themselves by economic classes. Essentially, he hated capitalism . His idea of society consisted of every citizen having the same income, being unselfish for materialistic items and living cooperatively. His idea of society meant everyone was equal.
America as a whole is diverse, however when one breaks down the individual communities "diverse" is not a term used to describe them. Human nature organizes regions by natural order; how people act, how people think, and how people evolve. According to Brooks, America will remain homogeneous because, simply that's the way humans are. Humans tend to not be open to new and different concepts.

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