Annotated Bibliography
Johnson, Steven. ?Watching TV Makes you.? Graff, Birkenstein, and Durst 213-230.
Steven Johnson is talking in his article how watching TV makes you smarter. He is informing us that the Sleeper Curve which says that the things we think are bad for us are actually good for us. According to the article the multi treading began with arrival in 1981. Comparing the early show with modern shows there is a huge gap. In the earlier show there was no complexity people enjoy the show, as far for modern TV shows they make you focused on the show and make you think what is going to happen next. Today reality programming structured like a video game competitive tests. Reality show borrows subtler from video games. In the article Steven Johnson inform that parents should encourage their children?s to watch television that helps them to think like grown up.

Steven, Dana. ?Thinking Outside the Idiot Box. ? Graff, Birkenstein and Durst 231-235.
Author Dana Stevens informing us that television slowly grown more and more complicated over the last two decades, and its teach you to watch more TV. ?Those of us who grew up in caveman days, fashioning crude stone tools while watching Starsky and Hutch? for them it?s too hard to concentrate in modern television shows. Dana Steven said Steven Johnson was focused how watching TV make you smarter but on the other hand how much negative influence do you get from watching TV. Watching television should be about what you like to watch, and not what is going to make you smarter or dumber. Men and women should know how much television they should watch a day.

Peakcocke, Antonia. ?Family Guy and Freud: Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious.? Graff, Birkensein, and Durst 257-281.
In this article the author is saying that many viewers denounce family guys as crude. They purposely offend almost everyone group of people, and a lot of people get offend by this show. It also gags about race, sex, incest etc. than any other shows. Family guy has canceled twice at 2000 and 2002. Every time it cancelled the fan use there force to get it back on the air. Family guy DVD was the best-television DVD in 2003. Dubner admits if you don?t watch the show more often easily get disoriented but those who pay attention to the creator they will understand the show. Ruskoff argue how The Simpsons creators do not comment on social issue but the creator of Family Guy they point it out the defect in U.S. society. Family guy has its own response to accusation of crudity.

Turkle, Sherry. ?Can you hear me now? ? Graff, Birkenstein and Durst 270-281.
In this article the author is acknowledge that now these day technology is part of human life. When people are have conference meeting them usually don?t even pay attention to the speaker, because they are too busy with technology. They even dream of having a good house which they can?t afford in reality. They even had relationship, partner and even marriage they had a lot of virtual sex. They write in abbreviation language when they are texting or e-mailing to save sometime and get the response quicker. Technology make us a cyborg with own device. For some people the technology make their life easier.