Part one

Ethics issues and the law of lawyering
While executing their mandates and responsibilities, Bridget and Andy committed some actions that were against ethics based on the law of lawyering. Some of their actions were against the agreed values of the society. In addition, some of their actions were also against the professionalism in the law practices.
Bridget has gone against the same professionalism that she took oath to protect. Considering that she came from the environmental law sector, where she spend four years of her practice she is accustomed with environmental protection laws.
Considering her law background, she is expected to be in the forefront in protecting the environment using the environmental laws.
Contrary to her professionalism ethics, she has gone to longer ends in protecting the activities of the GlobaTronOz (GTO) Company aware that the company has breached most of the environmental protection laws. The CEO of GlobaTronOz (GTO), Amal James at the conclusion of a meeting approaches her and hands her a file that shows most of the company's damning information about its environmental record and most of the reports discussed at the board meeting. The file has information concerning previous reports from environmental scientists that states that the mine has the likelihood of being extremely dangerous to the local water system and animal life. From the discussion, Bridget realizes that this information was not disclosed to the government while applying for the licensing and even the executives asks that such information should not be included in the minutes to ensure that no one comes to the knowledge of the company' s dirty undertakings .
Even being aware of all these dirty undertakings by the company, Bridget, a professional counsel ignores the impact of this to the same environment that she purports to protect hence acting unethically as far as her professionalism and so cietal norms in concerned . According to the law of lawyering, all the professional lawyers should remain to their profession. When faced with ethics dilemma, they should try as much as possible to remain in the confines of their profession. In the case of environmental integrity, Bridget did not conform to the confines of the environmental law profession but instead tried as much as possible to defend her client.
Another ethics issues facing Bridget is her duty to protect the confidential information of her client .
Even though Bridget is a ware of the dirty undertakings of the GlobaTronOz (GTO) Company , she has to do whatever is within her powers to protect this confidential information of the company.
The principle of Attorney-Client Privilege holds that any individual who seeks and advice or an aid from a lawyer or a judge should not have fear that his or her secrets may be uncovered . The foundation of the principle is providing a sound privilege advice as well as advocacy. Having the security of the privilege, the client is free to speak candidly and acquiescently to the legal counsel, and disclose all the pertinent facts to the attorney and create a "zone of privacy ." in such a case, while shielded with this privilege the client has increased willingness to communicate to the counsel many things that may else be suppressed.
Theoretically , such a high level of frankness and trustworthiness helps the attorney to provide more accurate, well-reasoned as well as professional advice, and the client feels secure with the knowledge that his statements to his attorney cannot be used against his interest .
When they have counsel is armed with full knowledge are in a better position to satisfy all their proficient errands, defend their responsibilities of good faith and loyalty to the client, and contribute to the effectual administration of impartiality .
Based on the principle of Attorney-Client Privilege, Bridget tried all her best to protect the information of her client.
Even though this information was very confidential to the organization and its closure would be very detrimental to the organization, the client was confident that such information was secure in the hands of Bridget.
As a result, the organization has bombarded her with much information ensure that case