Lifestyle: Tips to Improve Memory
Ma. Alyssa Valzado | September 22, 2017

One thing that every student would encounter in their school or university life is memorizing—we could never get away from that. Especially whenever the exam week is coming up, students would try to cram all information from various subjects as much as they could. These could lead to head-ache and of course, information overload.
Effective learning and understanding of your subject can be achieved if you can direct your whole attention to what you are trying to learn. Here are some tips that I gathered as to how you can improve your memorization and studying skills and somehow, save you a lot of time (and tears, maybe).
Read. Read. Read more.
This is one of the tips most helpful, and I can ultimately prove that this works. Read everything related to a subject you're studying on because it will broaden your understanding. Read if you are feeling bored—you don't have to read the whole material, you can just browse and try to understand the lesson. You can use your mind to visualize topics better, and to improve your memory and prioritize information. You can also browse for past papers for references. Study better, not study hard.
Write Things Down
when you read your material or when you listen to your lecturer, take down notes—but do not write them word for word. I advise you to use your own words, this will help you in understanding the lesson better.
Associate ideas
Talk out loud // teach it to someone else
Test yourself
Take a break / reward yourself
Eat properly. Drink lots of water
Get enough sleep