Lilly Kardestuncer
Ms. Ballard
Honors English 2
30 May 2017
Please Have Mercy On My Grade , I At Least Tried
In today's society, the most common way in expressing emotions and voicing opinions is through music. The musical lyricist, Eminem, is a prime example of an artist using their platform in order to portray the more "important" things in life with his lyrics, i.e., more of a matured outlook on society, rather than the normal rappers' money, cars, and clothes mindset. Throughout the lyrics of " Guts over Fear, " Eminem presents listeners with a prevalent archetype, that is, night journey. With the use of this archetype, he is able to tell a story to his listeners, also making a connection to, The Narrator, of the novel, Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress. The connection that is made between the two, and also a prevalent theme, is that of facing fear, by going against the grains of society.
The archetype of night journey is very rife when analyzing the lyrics of " Guts over Fear." This archetype is used when a major character, literally or symbolically, goes through hell, and emerging a better person. Within his lyrics, Eminem has obvious demons, and has a battle within himself. Although, he does not let his demons stop him, or tie him down, he uses them to his advantage, putting his emotions into song lyrics, for the world to hear. As for The Narrator,
Eminem and The Narrator both have very pensive personas and are both talented in fields of music. Both have also endured the ramifications and effects that society can have on one's personal life. For The Narrator, the Cultural Revolution limited much of his access to the "normal teenage life."