Lilly Kardestuncer
Ms. Ballard
Honors English 2
1 May 2017
Was Justice Served?
In The Count of Monte Cristo , Edmond Dantes, also known and the Count of Monte Cristo, embarked on a journey to get revenge on all the men that had falsely imprisoned him. The Count might have gone around seeking justice all wrong, "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" (217). Seeking justice must be done with fairness, even if the situation is unjust. Justice has a peaceful connotation, ironically, The Count achieved justice t hrough quite violent acts.
While Edmond was in prison, he almost killed himself, believing there was nothing more that he could do with his life. He was then introduced to the idea of seeking justice by Abbe Faria, "Because I've installed in your heart a feeling that wasn't there before: vengeance" (59). Faria knew that giving Dantes an insight to his imprisonment was not the best idea, because he knew it could lead Edmond to take make impetuous decisions. He warned Dantes, "Here is your final lesson: do not commit the crime for which you now serve the sentence" (76).
Throughout the novel, Edmond fulfilled his wish of seeking justice. He spent many years of his life ruining the lives of those who ruined his, although it never made actually Edmond feel better. He had moments in which he doubted himself in the "justice" he was taking, "How stupid I was not to have torn out my heart the day I swore to avenge myself!" (378). The Count took his plan of reaching justice a little too far. Although he intended to hurt certain people along the way, he also hurt the people that he cared for. He took his plan a little too far and didn't realize it until he looked back on the situation, "God grant that I haven't done too much already" (486). Edmond needed closure, and he believed that taking vengeance on everyone who wronged him would give him the closure that he seeked. He still wasn't satisfied once his plan was complete; he was alone, rich, and unhappy. He didn't really get achieve full justice until he started a new chapter of his life with the woman that he truly loves, Haydee.
Edmond was successful in his plan of getting justice, yet it did not compensate for the years he lost while in prison. He had to accept there was nothing that could possibly change his past. The Count was forced to move on from his past and to start over. In doing this, he was provided with the closure he had been searching for.