My Love for Reading Then and Now

My love for reading began when I was in the fourth grade. My teacher was Mrs.
Schroeder and I vividly remember her reading to the class ?Tales of a Fourth Grade
Nothing? by Judy Blume. The title alone caught my attention right away. I thought
it was cool to have ?fourth grade? in the title of the book seeing that I was in fourth
grade as well.

I had always looked forward to the late afternoon readings from Mrs. Schroeder.
She read this book with such emphasis and imagination that she had the undivided
attention of the class hanging on her every word. One of the characters in the book
is named ?Fudge?. When she would read the name ?Fudge? aloud, it would spark
laughter in the class. Fudge is the little brother in the book and Peter is
his older brother. Fudge is always embarrassing Peter or Fudge is getting all the
attention. No matter what Fudge did, it was always interesting and humorous to the

Once Mrs. Schroeder was finished reading the book, I was disappointed
because I could not comprehend that I may never hear of Fudge or Peter again. I
wanted to hear more about the characters and what would be coming next for them.

That is when Mrs. Schroeder mentioned the sequels. I knew I had to get them. I had
asked for them as gifts or I would check them out of the library. I have been hooked
on reading ever since. Luckily, as time went on, Judy Blume wrote several sequels to
the ?Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing? and in the sequels, Peter had gotten older as well
as Fudge. In the sequels, it seems to relate more to Fudge being responsible for his
mistakes and had taken some of the emphasis off of Peter.

Since the first time Mrs. Schroeder read the book up until today, Judy Blume
has continued to write several books for elementary school children, middle
school children, young adults, as well as, adults. Some of her books are listed here;
Iggie?s House, Blubber, It?s not the End of the World, Tiger Eyes, Forever, Places I Never
Meant to Be, Wifey, Smart Women and Summer Sisters. I have read most of her books
throughout my school years as well as the adult books today.

If Mrs. Schroeder had not read ?Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing? my love of reading
may have been different today. Since the book was read to me, it made me want to
continue reading because she made the characters in the book seem real.
Therefore, I wanted to keep reading the sequels so I would always know what Peter
and Fudge was up to.

Today, I am reading ?Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing? to my twin boys who have just
started fourth grade in the hope that they will love this book as much as I
and to encourage the love of reading. I will continue to read to them with the same
compassion, emphasis and imagination that Mrs. Schroeder put into reading
this book so many years ago.