Logan Glover
Mrs. Eason
ENG101 03512
8 December , 2016
The Computer Revolution
The 21 st Century is called the computer century or technology century and for good reasons. Ever since the computer was invented in the last years of World War II , it has continued to evolve into a daily part of our lives. The proof is right in front of our eyes, whether it is using a virtual library for a project, playing multiplayer on a video game, or messaging a best friend to hang out . The computer impacts every part of our life ; it controls our social interactions, our daily lives, and technology makes us safer .
The computer single handedly revolutionized how our society communicate as a whole. While cell phones are as high tech as ever, it is only because of the interactions that were made possible by the computer. We communicate in a multitude of ways, from texting to the ever prominent website 's such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddi t . These ways to communicate are very important because they have allowed our society to learn and experience various cultures , allowing for interactions with people that before we would have never been able to interact with. For example, people who post on Reddit live all around the world, so during the U.S election, American redditors were able to opinions from around the world. The impact of computers in our social life is important and will continue to grow.
Computers have a major impact on our everyday live s whether we know it or not. First off they control every electronic system that we own, from a coffee pot to a railway system, computers control everything. Every electronic device in some fashion has a motherboard which is a computer. We are even to the point where we can have a computer control the basic functions of our house. The computer can control the temperature, whether the lights are on, and even if the doors are locked. Not just our lives are effected, planes are now controlled by computers that fly themselves. It is only a matter of time before we start developing robots to do our work for us. Technology is advancing faster than anyone could have expected.
Computers and technology itself is making the world a better place and making us safer. Law enforcement nationwide are equipped with the latest state of the art technology. This could include computer operated dash systems that keep the officer updated with his surroundings. Or machines that can quickly access who a person is whether it be a common citizen or a criminal on the loose. Systems at police stations even include intercom stations that can connect every cop in the area much like a video game. The world is becoming a much safer place all thanks to computers and the advancement in technology.
As the worlds computers become more and more high tech, the more the human race will have to adapt. Computers from now on will impact every inch of our lives and will be in every piece of technology. Computers will continue to let social media thrive and allow communication between the common folk to continue to become easier. Finally our safety will become easier to achieve with law enforcement getting the best equipment. Computers advancing is make the world a new and amazing place to live in.