Logan Glover
Mrs. Eason
September 20, 2015
On the Lanes
There are a ton of sports that these day are not seen often because of the overwhelming popularity of basketball and football. Bowling has got to be one of the most underrated sports in today's society. While it has been growing slowly in recent years due to organizations such as ESPN and CBS showing it on the air. Also several celebrities has made their own teams, such as Kevin Hart and his Philadelphia Hitman. There are many factors to competitive bowling, such as adventurous traveling, fierce competition, and the supportive organizations.
First, to bowl in tournaments, you have to travel to them. Often they can be very far away but not always. The roads that take you to these places are always an adventure. You see new people, go to new places, and eat unique food. Every town has unique shops that you will only find in that town. Depending on where you go, people in different areas will have different personalities. Some nice, some rude, it is always different. Also, as there are unique places to shop, there are unique places to eat. Regions all around the U.S.A all has food that is native to that area or is special to a town. Traveling for tournaments can sometimes be the most fun of the trip.
When all the fun traveling is over, the real serious bowling begins. Bowlers from all around will be at these tournaments, of all shapes and sizes. Competitive bowling tournaments are divided up into two divisions, U12 and U20. The U12 group is ages twelve to fifteen, and the U20 group is ages sixteen to twenty. Then in the tournament the two divisions are organized by averages starting from lowest to highest. The state championship is always held in a states respective capitol. Alabama's is of course Montgomery, this tournament is held usually every spring. The national tournament is held in a location that changes constantly every year. You have to win a state championship or another major tournament to receive a ticket to nationals.
One thing about competition bowling that is wonderful is that it is supported by a great organization called the USBC. USBC stands for United States Bowling Corporation. The USBC constantly supports young bowlers with scholarship money to help with college. This money is transferred straight into a smart account where you and only you can access the money for college. Also, just by becoming a member of the USBC member, you can get discounts on bowling equipment and games to help you out. Not to mention you get a free subscription to the USBC magazine which offers plenty of helpful advice. Competitive bowlers are taken care of.
The life of a competitive bowler is an exciting one, full of adventure and excitement. Whether it is the fun adventures that you get while traveling. Or maybe it is the fierce competition that rouses up during the tournaments. Maybe it is the thought that it is a sport that is supported by such a great organization such as the USBC.