Logan Glover
Mrs. Eason
From You All to Ya'll
Throughout the United States, people in different regions differ. Everybody has grown up differently, and have been raised in a different way. It does not stop there, the weather, society, and traditions are different. The biggest contrasting group of people is people from the south compared to people from the north. Both groups of people talk about each other even though they may not have a clue about the others society. When it comes to differences, it can be divided into the insane weather, the misunderstood societies, and the different sports and hobbies.
Weather dictates everything in our lives. It can change everything that you had planned to do that day. States in the north, and states in the south all have extremely different weather. From experience through traveling, I have seen and felt the extremities of northern and southern weather. The states surrounding New York, such as Maryland, Vermont, and New Hampshire have extremely cold weather. Long winters that can last all the way to March with weather as low as five degrees Fahrenheit, not a place I would like to live. The south is quite the polar opposite when it comes to weather, the south has winters that may get down to forty degrees Fahrenheit. When it comes to summer the north in some places gets up to the seventies while in the south it can get all the way up to one-hundred degrees. A very vast difference in weather.
Both the northern and the southern states are divided into stereotypes that can be somewhat true but they are usually not. With or without the stereotypes, both northern and southern people still joke about the other about how different they are. The northern society is somewhat less hospitable and can be less welcome to strangers depending on if it is in the city or by the countryside. This is not saying that all people in the city are mean and all people in the countryside are nice that is just how it usually is. Southern people tend to have more natural hospitality no matter where you go and the south is pretty known for that. The biggest difference I can see is the use of the infamous acronym "ya'll." Northern people do not use it and southern people can not go a day without using it . Northern and southern people argue about it all the time and it is kind of funny how much they argue about if it is correct or not.
When it comes to hobbies both regions vary for many reasons. The main reason is weather, weather can make outside sports in the north unbearable but make them pleasant in the south. That is mainly because of the colder weather in the north. They enjoy sports such as hockey, wrestling, bowling, and basketball because it is all indoors. While in the south with the warm weather they enjoy baseball, softball, volleyball, and soccer. They only sport that ties in both regions is football. This sport brings the south and the north together because they both play it a lot. I do believe that professional football is more important up north while college football is almost a second religion in the south. As for other hobbies, i ce skating is big in northern states because it gets cold enough to freeze ponds. While fishing and hunting is real big in the south.
The north and the south are two vastly different places. One place is full of cold weather, less hospitality, and ice skating. While the other is hot and humid, full of outdoor sports, and funny slang. I bet you can tell which one is which by the descriptions. Even with all these differences, both places are great in their own way.