My heart aches when I talk to you
My heart aches when I don?t hear from you
My heart aches when I long for you

I don?t know why
You?ve taken over my thoughts
I can?t explain

You?re still a stranger
Far away
I want you close by

I miss your embrace
Holding you close
My heart aches

I miss you!

She wants him,
with every bone in her body.
Having thoughts of them together,
just puts a smile on her face.

Seeing his smile,
just makes her day.
She gets quivers down her back,
when he says "hey".

Keeping her hope alive,
that they'll someday be.
Trying to make him understand,
that he has her heart's key.

She yearns for his touch,
her sweet desire,
to feel her fingers,
intertwined with his.

She needs him,
does he need her too?