Madison Square Garden

The Garden has very specific policies and procedures. There are no questions on what is done in situations. It is so easy to see there is no reentry, no smoking no coat checking what you cant and can bring in. Itís very clear all of the things that The Garden had to offer, and all of the rules regarding the provided amenities.

Some reasons why I like The Gardenís policies is that they are specific. Also with me doing a concert venue its nice to see what kinds of things I need in place to be able to run a successful venue. They are prepared for every thing. From Broken Chairs to Canceled events. They know what need to happen in every situation. They have had lot of experience with everything. Its nice to know that there are other people who deal with the same things you will have to.

Some of their policies I really like are, no reentry, no out side food, Alcohol Management, bag searches, no refunds. They are really basic but really important.
I think itís really important to have rules in place and have all of your employees properly trained and make sure they have all the knowledge of your policies. I think that policies are important because with out them where would we be? Then there is nothing saying what people can bring with them, there is no rules on returns.

So for my company I want policies that make sense. But that also are to benefit my company as well as our customers. Policies that can help protect people while they are at my venue. Policies ensuring you are taken care of and are enjoying yourself as best as possible.