Management Skills

Employees within an organization have a bid role to play to the success or failure of the organization. for this reason, there is need for the management to ensure that there is a high degree of employee motivation within the organization because lack of it may lead to a situation whereby the employees are determined to see the organization fail rather than working towards the success of the organization. What is more, since the employees undertake most of the duties within the organization this means they reduced morale due to lack of motivation may lead to reduced production of that particular organization. Both Waterview and Domino's Pizza are two examples of organization whereby the employees seem to be highly demotivated and therefore resulting to work against the organizational culture and destroying the image of the organization. This paper discusses theory X and Y and their application in the Pizza and the Waterview cases.
Many people receive great fulfillment from their jobs and even take unusual pride in it, but other people view their jobs negatively. These people consider work as a form of punishment and a means of surviving. Management scholars as well as theorists for a long time have endeavored to differentiate between successful ways of management. This led senior researcher, Douglas McGregor to come up with two motivation theories in management, that is theory X and Theory Y. The theories define two different types of workers and the best ways by which they can be motivated. Identification of the type of employees within an organization is the best way to know the method through which the employees can be motivated.
Theory X
This theory assumes that all employees are naturally not motivated and have a negative attitude towards work and therefore it is the work of the employer or the management to motivate the employees to do the tasks assigned to them(The Economist, 2008). This theory encourages the managers to use an authoritarian leadership style to ensure the employees perform their tasks. Managers are required to actively intervene so that things may be done within the organization. The theory assumes that, all employees have a great dislike for work, they hate responsibilities, they require to be directed, they have to be controlled, compelled and even threatened to deliver the tasks required, they need to be put under tight supervision at all steps and with tight controls initiated. In addition, the theory provides that employees require to be induced to yield results failure to which they lack determination or motivation to work . In such organizations, there is little delegation and control remains strictly centralized.
Theory Y
On the other hand, this theory provides a style of management that is decentralized and there is high level of delegation of duties and management activities with little or no negative impact on the quality of the services delivered. The theory assumes that all employees have intrinsic motivation, are self-motivated, highly creative, and take enjoyment in working with greater responsibilities. Other assumptions of this theory is that employees take responsibilities and are highly motivated in fulfilling the goals and responsibilities they are given, they seek and accept responsibilities and require not to be directed and consider work as a natural part of their life and take pride in solving work issues imaginatively. This is the best type of employees that an organization can have because the employees take charge of all their duties and do not need to be directed rather they can take charge of their duties without the need to be supervised.
Lack of employee motivation is the main problem facing both Waterview and Domino's Pizza. due to lack of motivation, the employees have decided to destroy the image of the same organization they are working for. Domino's Pizza's employees seem not motivated and this is why they went to the extent of violating code of food chains, took this video and even posted it in the you tube so that it can go viral and kill the image of the company. on the other hand, the employees in the Waterview are poorly remunerated and they are able to state this even in the presence of their customers. Boddington declares that she