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As we emerge from young adulthood into midlife adulthood many changes takes place. The course text describes middle adulthood as the years between ages 40 and 65, but this definition is more of a generalization, for there is no specific biological or social event that marks this period. Instead, the middle years are marked more by growing individual differences and the paths that one decides to embark on. In other words, what people do and how they live has a lot to do with how they age.
People entering their middle ages do see some physical changes. In fact, one of the major aspects of middle adulthood are the physical and biological changes that occur in the body. Two of these changes that seem to be the most noticeable are seeing and hearing. Both of these begin to decline in the middle years. Hearing loss also proceeds twice as quickly in men as in women, and a lot of these incidences of rapid hearing loss in both sexes could have been prevented by wearing hearing protectors in noisy environments earlier in life.
Other changes that occur in the midlife stage are changes in our abilities to taste and smell. As we get older, foods may seem blander to us. But these changes vary from person to person. Some people may become less sensitive to salty foods, where as others may become lass sensitive to sweet, bitter, or sour foods.
One aspect of the physical changes that occur in middle adulthood are in height. Most people get a little shorter throughout the year...