Mass Media: Development and Literacy

Tiffany Sabala

June 12, 2017
Leigh Pethe

Mass Media: Development and Literacy

Mass media has progressed rapidly over time; evolving with new
technology and changing the way people view the world. Long before modern
forms of media came to pass, people found out news through verbal
interaction and writings like newsletters. Today, media comes in many
forms: television, radio, cellular devices, Internet, satellites,
newspapers, and many more. To understand mass media completely, the focus
must shift toward the major developments in the Evolution of mass media in
the last century, America's influence from the major developments, the
meaning behind media convergence, and the implications toward everyday

From print to technology, the expansion of mass Media started to
develop slowly with the telegraph, telephone, and radio emerged. While
print was the main form of media for the longest time, when the telegraph
and telephone came along there was now a method of long distant
communication that could now be transmitted through wires to receive and
give information. Then radio and television came alone and they brought
something with them that words could not do. Radio sent out information to
places unreachable by wires from a telegraph or telephone. Television and
film is another major development of the last century, which brought about
many changes.
Newspapers and magazines merged together to make communication more
advanced and effective. Newspapers and magazines became another source for
individuals to locate Information. Now we have the technological influence
like the internet. The internet influences the growth and spread of media,
and eventually gave the power of media transfer to the people, now
publishers and stations are no longer in control of the media and its
information. That brings us to reliability of evolving media. Though people
prefer to get their information from traditional media and feel that it is
more valid, this does not mean that the information is
Next, we will move on to the developments of mass media in American
culture. Accessing media, obviously as the ways of accessing media has
evolved, so has the way it effects the individuals who have access to it.
The media plays such a significant role in the lives of most Americans, we
need to ask ourselves, "Are we in control of the media or is it in control
of us?" When we form our own opinions, we feel as if we are not robots
controlled by the government, but people in control of our country and
evolving media has made this possible.
Finally, we will discuss media convergence and how it affects our
everyday life. Media convergence is the process where several media
channels come together to exist and operate in working together. A
convergence is basically seen in every person's cell phone; glance down at
your palm, and there sits a device that can click a photograph, edit and
modify the same, and send it in an email. Some like to define convergence
simply by stating it to be a merger of mass media and communication
outlets. Of course, we can all agree that there is bias in the media. Now
this can inhibit the growth of information if all sources are fueled by the
same idea. We know that being media literate allows a person to create
their own opinion. To enhance our culture, we as individuals need to use
caution. We need to use critical thinking, and expose ourselves to many
types of media, becoming media literate. We can use mas media as a tool to
enhance our lives and culture every day.
The mass media effect reaches into almost every area of American pop
culture and life. Its effect on politics can change the way laws are made
and the ways in which voters distribute both their cash and their votes. It
both reflects and highlights our attitudes toward the use of alcohol, and
drugs. These influences sometimes positive or negative can be argued, but
what cannot be disputed is that these influences are present in all our
everyday lives. Given this type of influence, it is important to consider
what has influenced one's own ideas and norms. Chances are good that these
have been informed, if not entirely shaped by, the influence of the mass

Expansion of media, mass media, influenced our culture by helping to
receive unlimited information almost instantly. This makes it easy for
people to share their opinions stories, and information with others. This
also gives us the ability and the freedom to endlessly research until we
can build our own conclusion by