While sorting through all the information on the Internet and social media about health and wellness I try to stay with sites such a WebMD and the Mayo Clinic I find them reliable and professional in their views I tend to stay away from blogs, someone’s personal opinion unless they have been through what they are discussing I try to stay opened minded about homeopathic remedies some of them really work and modern medicine has not been always around how did the people from other centuries survive I ask myself that question and it helps. I have also learned from reading the material that was assigned to us in class I found it very helpful with all this knowledge I have gained this past nine weeks and the information on the Internet and social media I believe this will help me with my situations regarding the six elements of health and wellness. Living in times when there is so much information out there for you to tap into there is no reason we cannot be more opened minded, but we must be careful on what is reliable and what is not. I have already begun to improve my own health and wellness.