Miceli 1
Daniel Miceli
Mrs. Czudner
2 March 2016
Tradition and Change
Being Italian consists of many traditions. While my grandparents were moving from Montallegro, Agrigento Sicily to Windsor, Ontario Canada their traditions carried on. Personally, I think the most important traditions that I have grown up with are family, foods, and farming. Firstly, family is a very important value to people of the Italian culture. As an Italian, I attend frequent family gatherings and enjoy spending time with those in my family. For every holiday including Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter I attend my grandparents house's to devour a home cooked meal and share laughs with my family. Secondly, Italian cuisine has influenced food culture around the world. Over dinner with my family at my house or dinner with my family at my Nonna's house I indulge in many types of food to fitful my appetite. My parents and grandparents to this day prepare dishes for my family that include traditional pasta, fish, or sausage. Thirdly, farming was a big hobby of my Nonno's that he enjoyed so much. After leaving Sicily and coming to Canada, he converted his acre back yard into his own personal garden. This was something I would not take interest in but he started farming at eight years old and it was tradition for him. Through moving to Canada, my grandparents were able to adapt to changes to benefit the future generations of our family.