Reflection Essay, 3 pages, 911 words


It was a cold, icy and brisk evening in January 1999. My husband and I were to attend a rodeo with a few friends. I was about 6 months pregnant and really did not want to go, but enjoyed myself nevertheless. As we were leaving, I slipped on a patch of ice but caught myself before hitting the ground. I was tired and wanted to go home. My husband on the other hand, had been drinking and was in no mood to go home. I suggested he go with his friends and I would drive myself home. After arriving at our new home of only two (2) weeks, is when I started to realize, miracles do happen.

I arrived at home late on what I would call a miserable evening, at least the weather. I seemed to be famished and prepared myself some eggs, fresh bacon and toast. Propped myself up on my pillows, in my warm bed and began to devour my food, as if it was my last meal. I soon felt my stomach become very hard, and it felt as if I was going into labor. This was my second child, so I knew what labor pains were. I looked down and saw that I was bleeding. I ran to the bathroom to clean myself up and call 911. I realized we had no telephone. They were to come and hook up our telephone services next week. I began to cry in pain and fear came on me thinking, ?Was I going to bleed to death?" Was I going to lose my baby?

I put on some clean clothes and tried to stop the bleeding with wash clothes and towels, I decided I would have to go get help. I stepped out of my front door, where I seen a couple on the other side of the street. I yelled, ?Please, call 911, please!? I could not believe what I seen, they just got into their van and drove away. I then started to cry harder and started walking door to door. Being dumb founded, I could not believe that no one would open their doors or call 911 for me. At the peak of my fear, when I finally arrived at the fourth house. A middle-aged woman, in her nightclothes, answered the door and saw that I was in trouble, and demanded I come in! I told her ?I am bleeding too badly and you have white carpet, please call 911.? She laid some towels down and insisted I come in from the cold, to wait on the ambulance. She also called my father-in-law to hunt down my husband, wherever he might be on this terrifying night.

Vaguely remembering the ambulance arriving due to going in and out of consciousness from what I believed, to be the loss of so much blood. Hearing them talk about the fact that my placenta had been torn and wanted to start the procedure right there in the ambulance. Not understanding what procedure they wanted to perform, heighten my fear.

The next thing I remember was lying in the hospital, people running all around me. My husband entered the room; he and his friend began flirting with the nurse. I thought to myself, ?what a jerk?, here I am dying and he is flirting with my nurse. The nurse escorted him to the waiting room and told him he could not be with me and he would have to wait. I know that it was because he was so intoxicated. I would have to deal with him later?

At this point being very much awake and aware, they started to clean me up for an emergency c-section. I ask them ?Why do you have to be so rough?? The doctor?s response was ?We don?t have time to be easy; you may lose your baby!? Soon after this, I felt the scalpel penetrate my stomach, and I began to scream in pain! I passed from shock moments later.

I awoke as they were rolling me out of the surgery room, and I noticed my baby in an incubator being strolled, down the hall, in the opposite direction. I asked, ?Is that my baby?? with a response ?yes? from the nurse. My baby looked so weird to me; he