Mac Hendrix
Global Studies
Mr. Dowling
23 March 2015

Modern Day Tyrants: Kim, Assad, and Putin

The dictionary describes a tyrant as "a sovereign or other ruler who uses power oppressively or unjustly. When you first think of a tyrant, you don\'t think modern day; you probably think of Hitler, Stalin, etc. Although there are (thankfully) not any obvious tyrants in the modern day 21st century, there are tyrants in today\'s society who are malicious. There are few dictators in the world today like Kim Jong Un, but there are many dictators hiding in masks named "president", like Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Asad. The term "president" gives the rest of the world the notion that the citizens have freedom, but in reality it\'s false.

The first example of a tyrant I chose was an obvious choice, Kim Jong Un. Kim Jong Un is the Supreme Leader of the Democratic People\'s Republic of Korea, other wise known as Korea\'s dictator. He became "Supreme Leader" after his father, Kim Jong-il died. Since he has taken over, he has showed his hatred for the United States, threatening multiple nuclear attacks. Kim Jong Un is just like his father, Kim Jong-il in a sense that he is an oppressive dictator who brainwashes his country into thinking he and North Korea is invincible. After researching Kim Jong Un, I came across this headline: "Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of North Korea, has called for the execution of 33 people for reportedly working as accomplices to South Korean Baptist missionary Kim Jung-wook and planning to help him create 500 underground churches ("North Korean Tyrant Kim Jong-Un to execute 33 Christians-Breitbart"). The worst part about this headline was that this was a normal headline about North Korea, there were many other headlines about North Korea executing citizens for much smaller things. North Korea is essentially a cult, and Kim Jong Un is the cult leader who tells his citizens that he is invincible and North Korea is simply the greatest country in the world. The future is a little bit more complicated for Kim Jong Un and North Korea, the likely outcome is that Kim Jong Un keeps North Korea a brainwashed, dictatorship and never keeps his word on conflicts with foreign countries (i.e. nuking the U.S.). The not as probable outcomes could be North Korea starting a world war, or the Kim Jong dictatorship collapses and who knows what could happen with that. Kim Jong Un is a crazy, truly evil leader.
The second tyrant I chose to research is Bashar al-Assad, the president of Syria. Although not as well known as Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un, al-Assad is just as evil. Bashar al-Assad started in office in May 2007, after his late father. Here is a quote that well shows his savage like behavior: "His torture to his own citizens, The report, based on thousands of images of mutilated corpses provided by a former Syrian police photographer, found evidence of 11,000 people tortured and killed in three detention facilities in and around Damascus." Bashar al-Asad has been compared to Suddam Husein. Also, he gassed thousands of his own Syrian citizens, killing and injuring around 5,000 people(Saddam Hussein or Bashar Al-Assad: Who\'s the Bigger Tyrant?"). Although these malicious acts he has done to his citizens, there is a bit of controversy if he really is a tyrant. Unlike Kim and Putin, Assad is essentially surrounded by tension. Assad has to deal with the civil war in his country, ISIS and Al-Qaeda in his backyard, and the Middle East in general. In my opinion Assad is still a tyrant, but he has a lot more to worry about whether the US considers him a "tyrant". The future for al-Assad could potentially be a mixture of Putin and Kim Jong Un\'s: He could stay on his tyrant like "presidency" and nothing but tension would happen. Another outcome could be that the US finally decides to go into Syria and try to stop Assad and a war comes. A positive outcome could potentially be that Assad\'s reign comes to an end, the Syrian civil war ceases, and Syria starts back at square one would be the ideal situation.
The last, but certainly not least, modern day tyrant is Vladimir Putin. The book I read for my project was,