Modern Europe
Assignment 2 - European Socialism
Cabet and Marx

This assignment is due in class on Wednesday, 19 October in class and
should be typed, double-spaced with one-inch margins. Do not email papers.

Briefly identify an example of each the following in E. Cabet's Voyage in
Icarie of 1842 in a few short sentences (10 pts. each):
. The protection of public morals and "decency" in public spaces as
envisioned by Cabet

Identify what Karl Marx claimed were the motivations behind the following
issues connected with the U.S. Civil War in his October 1861 article on
"The North American Civil War" (10 pts. each) :

. How the southern slaver-holder class succeed in forcing the free
states of the North to accept slavery over ever-greater parts of
the U.S. and its territories before 1860.

. (20 pts.) Critics of Marx often accuse him of "reductionism,"
defined as simplifying the complexity of society (politics,
culture, laws) down to a narrow economic determinism in which
economic developments (such as the evolution of slavery)
supposedly drives the changes in an entire society. Discuss in a
short paragraph whether this essay on the Civil War does or does
not in your judgement support this accusation and why or why not.

E. Cabet, Voyage in Icarie, 1840
Karl Marx, The North American Civil War, October 1861