Monuments Men
The Monuments Men was a film about men who during WWII went throughout Europe rescuing pieces of artwork from the Naziís. The movie relates to some of the concepts that we have covered so far in class.
This film shows a lot about both community and culture, and I feel as though in this particular film, the two go hand in hand. The artistic community was very concerned about the well being of some of the most famous pieces of artwork in history. This shows community, because it portrays a group of people that are coming together to achieve a common goal.
This case of community is similar to culture because art itself is a culture. All of the men who went on the missions are artists in some way. They all were willing to risk their lives to protect the art culture, which has been built over thousands of years. It is part of who they are. It is their identity. The reason those men are who they are because of art. Their personal lives are based around art, it is their career, passion, and overall who they are.
This is similar to the articles we read in class, Identity Matters and River Teeth. The choices the men make are based off of who they are, and the experiences that have had previously. It was who they are that made the decision to go do what they did. They realized the impact that the pieces that were stolen had on their artistic lives, and wanted to save them for other people to have the same experiences so they may have appreciation for the art.