Moral v. Legal

Part I:

Would you turn your VERY best friend in for….YES or NO)

Stealing a candy bar from WalgreensNO
Keying someone's carNO
Getting drunkno
Doing drugsno
Backing into a car in a parking lot and leaving the sceneno
Getting in to a fight/seriously injuring someoneno
Stealing a carno
Getting drunk and forcing themselves on someone sexually yes

What would happen if your best friend did any of these things at school? Outside school? I personally would try to talk him out of those things but if I couldn't he would get himself in some serious trouble in and out of school. I think both involving the police.

Part II: Bad Samaritan Video

What are your feelings about David Cash?
I think he was just trying to protect his friend and he was in shock that it did really happened.

Should he be in jail? Why or why not?
I think he should serve a small sentence and be on probation

What could have caused Jeremy Strohmeyer to do this crime? Would you accept an excuse from him?

A mental illness or using a drug. No reason to excuse him from an act like that

How does morality play into law?I think it should he wasn't raised better but his parents. Both of the guys and the parent of the daughter had her out verylate.

Part III - A Current David Cash?
Read the article "The Necessity of Morality" dated 11/9/2011 and answer the following questions (Google title, click on the link for Inhistoric):
Do you agree with the author that there are similarities between these two cases? Explain. yes because they both know but don't tell
Did Joe Paterno commit a crime in this situation?I don't know if that is considered a crime but he failed to let authoritys know about the situation
In your opinion, was Paterno's behavior as morally reprehensible as David Cashes? Why or why not?yes because they didn't inform no one
Do you believe highly paid, highly influential individuals should be held to different standards? Why should Paterno's almost celebrity status make a difference in this case?
Because he had some power and he did benefit the school and david cash didn't have money nor benefit no one.
Was Penn State justified in terminating Joe Paterno?yes
In light of his passing, how do you think Papa Joe will be remembered?